Let our past clients tell you a story

People come to Organise.Curate.Design. looking for solutions. We often explain how we can help you and what services we can offer, but we thought you might like to hear from someone whose life was changed after working with us.

While it’s sad to see clients go, often when clients move on it is because we’ve given them the tools and strategies to do it without us; and that’s the goal. We’re here to provide you with strategies so you can move forward without needing us, and that’s exactly what we did for Claudia Solis.

We started working with Claudia in September of 2018. She reached out to us “with the need to guide [her] in a way [she] could best manage my home life and business life administration as [she] was moving into a more senior position”.

Claudia’s situation was not unlike others we have worked with. Often people will come to us needing simple direction and support, and that’s exactly how we assisted her. Claudia explained that she “found it to be invaluable support that provided [her] with the necessary tools to complete some outstanding administration at home that [she] was struggling to achieve, as well as learn about new platforms to be able to simplify the tasks requested of [her] in [her] new role”.

Since then, Claudia has now moved into a more senior role and has maintained the skills she learned with us to better streamline her business/life admin. She explained that she made necessary changes with the assistance given to her, to put her “on the trajectory to better succeed in this role”.

Claudia summarised our mission perfectly by explaining that “sometimes, it’s the simplest changes that make the largest impact”. No one person finds the same systems and practices helpful, but Organise.Curate.Design. helps our clients find the best way to simplify those tasks, individual to them. 

As an example, Claudia explained that the skills we taught her in her “email filing and setting up My Gov back then has made it so much simpler for [her] family and [herself] to access all [their] medical records especially now with the vaccination process”. 

Claudia spoke to anyone that was wanting to work with Organise.Curate.Design., saying that “I know that we are in lockdown but for a working parent it doesn’t mean that life has stopped and obtaining assistance with some of the home administration can really get you out of a bind and make you feel that world is not crumbling on top of you”. 

Claudia was an absolute pleasure to work with, and we’re thrilled that we were able to help her put tools and systems in place for her to move forward with an organised life.

Claudia spoke on Sunrise about Organise.Curate.Design. and how it helped her, check out the video below!