Organise.Curate.Design is a lifestyle management company helping busy people make life a little easier. Our team delivers services to alleviate their mental load and streamline their businesses, lives and daily tasks so they can focus on what’s most important to them.

Caroline Brunne


Caroline Brunne has spent more than a decade mastering the art of life management. Throughout her career in the events industry Caroline realised her talent was more than a skill set. It was a unique attribute that uncovered a purpose to empower others with the tools to take control of their lives via seamless organisation and delegation. During her time in the events industry, Caroline ran various high-profile events in multiple cities. She also ran a successful service-based business managing more than 200 people. As a result of these experiences, she mastered the art of self-inspired leadership and high performance.

As a woman of accountability, Caroline has always placed a high value on the importance of setting an intention, creating a plan and managing time wisely. Her core focus is on customer service, relationship building, and trust. She is compassionate, wise and understands the impact that stress can have on others. She has personally experienced the burn out that comes with too many tasks and a heavy mental load.

Today, Caroline is the founder of Organise.Curate.Design. and has spent over five years building the business and educating her clients. As a speaker and consultant, Caroline works with professionals to empower them with the tools required to get clear on intention, focused on execution, and enabled to become the best version of themselves. Her delivery is calm, authentic and engaging and her content is full of practical and easy to implement takeaways.

Visit Caroline’s website to find out more about her other projects and passions.

Tia Jean

Life Admin Specialist

Tia is a third-year student completing a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Psychology and Sociology. With plans to pursue a Masters in Social Work. She hopes to start her journey as a helpful guide and source of information for those who need it.

Her curiosity and passion for helping people has seen her in customer service-based roles for many years.

She places emphasis on herself and those around her to enjoy the small things in life, spending her free time on adventures with friends, organising things for fun, and hanging out at home with a good book and her cat. She deeply values compassion and open-mindedness and is dedicated to using her knowledge and experiences to help create a kinder, more connected world.

Jassmyn Walker

Content & Social Media Coordinator

Jassmyn graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Management, majoring in Sales and Marketing in 2020, and is now very excited to showcase her creativity for clients of Organise. Curate. Design. After living in New Zealand for most of her life, Jassmyn moved to the Gold Coast in 2021 to chase the warmer climate and beach lifestyle. Her passion for creating exciting content and seeing projects come to life is what motivates her. 

Jassmyn spends a lot of her spare time either in the gym, at the beach, or in the kitchen creating delicious recipes. She holds the values of honesty, integrity, and family close to her. 

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Our team is highly efficient and ensure that we provide you with a fast-paced service to meet the needs of your demanding life.


Attention to detail and thorough analysis of your needs enable us to provide you with a high quality service for consistent customer satisfaction.


With a suite of professional providers within our portfolio we ensure the expertise we provide you is always matched to your specific requirements.


Confidentiality is paramount and your personal or business information will be held solely by Organise.Curate.Design. and the providers you appoint through our services. No information is ever disclosed without your consent.


A key factor when outsourcing your to do list is trusting tasks will be managed in a timely manner. Our team will provide you with updates of your matters with full transparency into our time management and reliability.


With no lock in contracts and various pricing models available, our services can be tailored to meet your budgeting needs whilst still enabling you to scale up or down when required.

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