Do you have a list of tasks that are adding to your mental load? You know those important, but not urgent things like reviewing your mobile phone plan, reading the school newsletter & updating your calendar with reminders, buying that gift for your friend’s upcoming birthday?

You know, all the life admin stuff? Well, that is where your Life Admin Specialist comes in.

We help people organise their to-do list to make sense of the never-ending items, and we will manage the admin and logistics of that list on your behalf.



Our team is highly efficient and ensure that we provide you with a fast-paced service to meet the needs of your demanding life.


Attention to detail and thorough analysis of your needs enable us to provide you with a high quality service for consistent customer satisfaction.


With a suite of professional providers within our portfolio we ensure the expertise we provide you is always matched to your specific requirements.


Confidentiality is paramount and your personal or business information will be held solely by Organise.Curate.Design. and the providers you appoint through our services. No information is ever disclosed without your consent.


A key factor when outsourcing your to do list is trusting tasks will be managed in a timely manner. Our team will provide you with updates of your matters with full transparency into our time management and reliability.


With no lock in contracts and various pricing models available, our services can be tailored to meet your budgeting needs whilst still enabling you to scale up or down when required.


All new clients commence with a complimentary phone consultation



Discovery Session consists of a 2-hour brainstorming session to delve into all things life and or business. This is a great opportunity for new clients to explore their needs beyond their initial complimentary consultation call. Post the session clients are provided with a written overview detailing the action items from the session and options to proceed as a client in a one off or ongoing capacity if they choose.



$90per hour

A great starting point to action a few items on your to do list. This session will enable us to tick off basic tasks for you that have been identified in your initial complimentary consultation call.



I would highly recommend OCD to anyone! The team at Organise.Curate.Design have been such a pleasure to work with, from support with a business rebrand, a complete change in booking software, website updates & social media! They have exceptional admin abilities & just having that extra help & accountability has been invaluable to me!

Tia Churstain

Tia Laser Skin Studio

I highly recommend working with the team at Organise.Curate.Design. Engaging them for our website and social media development has been nothing short of professional. The team are responsive with no task being too much of a challenge. Their communication is authentic and direct as they have guided myself and the team through the process of elevating our brand into the online world.

Nathan Veech

Boss Executive Group

Working with the team at Organise.Curate.Design was such a pleasure, they easily adapted to our needs and delivered a wonderful, engaging, practical workshop that everyone loved!

Certainly recommended!

Samantha Sacchi

Head Coach, Learning Designer Insight Academy

Working with the team at Organise.Curate.Design has been extremely beneficial for me. I have found my time is prioritised better, I am completing tasks more efficiently and I feel that I have my appointments and busy life under control.

Beforehand, I was struggling to juggle various appointments for myself and my two young children along with full time study and a dramatic life change into being a single Mum.

The teams professional, calm manner has helped me to keep focused and they have provided me with some “life-admin hacks” that simply make my days easier. I cannot recommend OCD more highly.

Carly F

Stay at home Mum

Being a business owner, I am constantly on the go, managing a team, keeping fit and healthy, contributing at a local community level, plus making time to see friends and family. Before seeing the team at Organise.Curate.Design, I felt like I was constantly spinning my wheels and having a never ending to do list. Now I can say I am organised, calm and more efficient. The team were amazing at implementing simple strategies to assist with time management, outsourcing and planning. Thanks again!

Lisa G

CEO, Living Health Group

Working with Organise.Curate.Design has brought structure and clarity to my creative mind. It has allowed me to be more productive, confident and focused on my outcomes. The main reward is it has freed up more of my time to dedicate to the creative part of the business which I love most.

Christina T

Creative Director, Sisko Chocolate

The team at Organise.Curate.Design were an absolute pleasure to work with. They balances professionalism with authenticity, making it a really positive experience to discuss all that you have going on. Their background in running a successful business made it very easy for them to identify with the plight of my business. The team had many terrific ideas on how to get ahead of my To Do list and our sessions made me feel confident that I had some great next steps.

Frances C

Founder, Tribular

I came across OCD through the Business Chicks Instagram page. Immediately I thought… that’s what I need!! I’m a start-up business who was getting just that smidge (ok, maybe more than a smidge) busy and needed overflow capacity in a way that I could confidently structure and have control over cash flow. OCD lets you book in time chunks that let you get things done, but also doesn’t lock you in (which is so important in a new business). The team at Organise.Curate.Design are amazing. They are confident, knowledgeable and genuinely want to help you. They listens to your overwhelmed rambling and mental to-do list and then presents it back to you in a neat and organised way. I feel confident letting her tackle my to-dos (including client interaction) knowing they values my business and my future success.
Try OCD, you’ll wonder why you ever lived without it.

Alison C

Principal Lawyer, Cusack & Co

Working with Organise.Curate.Design. (OCD) was seriously the best business decision I’ve made.

I’ve worked with coaches before and everything felt very haphazard. OCD has created momentum in my business simply through bringing structure to thoughts and goal.

I honestly feel like OCD is part of my team and very few days go by when we’re not in touch or utilising the resources or tools they’ve put in place. Highly recommend OCD!!

Jen H

Founder, Everyday Ajenda

My first 2-hour session with the team at Organise.Curate.Design was life changing. As a business owner wearing many hats, I found myself wheel spinning and feeling overwhelmed in the organisation of my time. The team shared valuable and easily implementable suggestions that have made a huge difference and have helped simplify my life. OCD offers an amazing service that I think anyone struggling with time can benefit from. I am looking forward to continuing the journey and streamlining the hell out of what I do.

Lisa G

Founder, Designed by Lisa

The team at Organise.Curate.Design wer amazing and provided a great service

Fairien A

Founder – Financially Savvy Society

Value for money and efficient is only a few ways to describe how fantastic OCD are. I run a small business, they took over the things I just didn’t get time to do such as my website.

Cheryl M

McIntosh Fencing Pty Ltd

The team at Organise.Curate.Design are the consummate professionals who you can rely on to get things done at a standard that is better than most.

Karen H

Founder – Think Bespoke