Becoming an adult is hard and it can come with some serious growing pains. We want to ease that pain for you! We’ve pulled together some really incredible interesting people who are also fully grown adults to share their stories and lessons. Over the upcoming episodes, in this first season, which is a six-part series, our host Caroline Brunne will deep dive with them on different topics that we think are important to the early stages of your adult life. We will share stories, laughs, and maybe even some tears and help you see that with a little bit of support, taking on the learnings that other people have experienced, and being open to the power of human connection you can ease your growing pains and design your first few years of adulthood for the better. If this sounds like something you just have to get into your ears, or you know someone who would love to have a listen, then be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss our first episode when it drops on Wednesday 28th July 2021. Welcome to Growing Pains.