Some love it and some hate it. But having your meals either planned, prepped or ready to eat each day can make a world of a difference when your day may already be quite full or you’ve lost your mojo for preparing breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner each day.

Since implementing this style of meal planning into my life, so many great things have happened:

  • I’ve spent much less on groceries each week
  • I rarely need to purchase meals
  • My bank account is much happier
  • I have significantly less food waste each week
  • I have more time in my day as less is filled with making or buying meals and,
  • I have less decision fatigue around eating throughout the day

This meal planner is structured for 3 main meals per day and 2 snacks between meals. Though, we are all different, lead different lives and have different hunger cues. So utilise this planner in a way that suits your eating style best (there is no one size fits all).

And on a side note, this planner can be utilised for individuals, couples and families. Use it digitally or print and laminate it for weekly use.

Whilst I encourage you to dedicate your Sunday to pre-planning your meals (and snacks), writing out your shopping list and preparing your meals, remember that things change throughout the week and may not go to plan. If this is the case, remember to utilise your freezer as opposed to your rubbish bin.

Finally, if you find your self stuck for recipe ideas, Google can be your best friend. With a variety of food blogs and eBooks on the web, you can pretty much find recipes for any sort of cuisine or dietary requirement.

If you have any questions in using this planner, get in touch! Happy planning!

– Alana x