Rebecca Tapp is the CEO and Purpose Pioneer of Future Crunch, a company that specialises in the creation and delivery of mind-blowing, visually spectacular learning experiences, both virtually and in person.

Rebecca was a business assistant client that began working with us in 2019. When we spoke to Rebecca about her situation prior to working with Organise.Curate.Design., she explained that she needed help smoothing and streamlining processes through her business. She described the trouble she was having with her team, explaining that “our team of ‘unalike minds’ can be like herding cats”.

Rebecca explained that while she knew she needed to do something, she didn’t have time to support the team in doing so. She explained “​​we needed systems and processes in place that support chaotic schedules, but we didn’t have time to do any hand-holding in setting up those processes. As experts in systems management, we knew that OCD would not only be able to support us in creating processes but that they would do it far more effectively than we could, while also looking after our clients as if they were their own.”

Organise.Curate.Design. is designed to support your business and take care of the time consuming, detailed parts of tasks in hope that your free time can be used doing the tasks you enjoy (and are good at) doing. Rebecca explained her situation to be exactly that. Through the assistance she needed, Rebecca explained that “It meant that we didn’t have to worry about any of the details, and that freed us up to do what we are good at, which is creativity and content development. In addition to that, we felt supported because we knew that OCD would always have our back when there was overflow.”.

She explained that because of our assistance, Future Crunch has been able to implement new systems that have helped grow the company. “Obviously, the biggest job was the development of a role within our organisation, but outside of that, we have also devised travel systems, worked on podcasts and launched a merchandise range. That’s the thing with OCD…they are so incredibly adaptable and nothing is too hard.”

With our assistance, we were thrilled to hear that Future Crunch has grown and “we couldn’t have done it without Organise.Curate.Design.”. The role we established to assist Rebecca in smoothing out her business processes has now been filled by a newly employed staff member that we helped recruit, and Future Crunch is successful and growing. Rebecca explained the reassurance she feels to “have OCD in the background to support us at every step”.

Since our work with Rebecca, Future Crunch explained that “OCD gave us the blueprint for the skills we didn’t have. They then were able to train a new person on those skills which was perfect! They were the missing piece in our puzzle”.

Rebecca ended with a message to any future clients that are thinking about working with Organise.Curate.Design. She encouraged these people, saying “Just do it. If you think you might need them, just know that you do need them (without question). The value they provide will set your business up for the growth that you desire, in a format where you can take bite-sized risks that guarantee sustainable growth. And if you need unwavering support in the process OCD is the baseline. Quite simply they are world-class.”

We are thrilled to be able to work with people like Rebecca, and the growth that Future Crunch has established is why we do what we do!

Thank you, Rebecca.