As the zero waste movement continues to grow, we see an important shift in making conscious decisions about what we consume, use and purchase every day. Whilst I don’t believe anyone is perfect, I do know that there are some super simple small swaps that you can make in order to reduce your waste and in turn, saving some cash too (over time). 

Before I list these swaps, I want to share a practice I’ve been working on when it comes to reducing my individual waste, and that is asking myself ‘how can I avoid throwing that in the bin?’ in the future. Think about it like this, is there another alternative to the facial wipes you throw in the bin (or worse yet, flush down the toilet) when it comes to removing your make up (hint: there is usually always a solution).

Now, I am by no means an expert in this space, but if I can implement some easy swaps, I think you can too.

Facial wipes and cotton pads

  1. Facial wipes and cotton pads.
    • Yep, you guessed it, there is an alternative. I’ve recently picked myself up some Bamboo Reusable Face Wipes to use with some micellar water instead. Whilst the micellar water may come in a bottle, I can then recycle this once I have finished with it, unlike the used face wipes and cotton pads.
  2. Produce Bags
    • These guys are a really simple swap when it comes to your fruit and vegetable shopping. Whilst there are some pretty funky zero waste shops out there now, I bought mine from eBay, some simple mesh reusable produce bags, like these or these. Take them to the groceries or markets with you and just throw them in the wash after each full use.
  3. Stainless Steels Straws
    • Reusable straws have been around for a little while now, but are pretty much now in Vogue. If you’re a smoothie or juice lover, it’s important to minimise the number of plastic straws hitting our landfill and if you’re like me and hate a soggy cardboard straw, you’ll want some of these. My top tip when purchasing stainless steel straws is to spend a little more to avoid that metal taste, I like evereco’s range which most health food and bulk stores carry. Second top tip, I urge you to buy a straw cleaner and definitely brush/wash it out after each use, the linked packed has one included.
  4. Reusable Tumblers
    • So that brings me to the vessel which carries your smoothie or juice. Whilst we all know we should have swapped to reusable coffee cups by now (check out our collaboration with frank green if you are looking for a reusable cup), the smoothie/juice tumbler is the next one to upgrade. Go for stainless steel if you can, Cheeki have a great insulated option, including the straw.
  5. Food Covers & Wraps
    • Finally, we turn to the all convenient Glad Wrap plastic that we throw on leftovers to put away. Whilst convenient, not so convenient for the earth, taking up to 1000 years to breakdown. A quick and easy solution to this is investing in some silicone food covers like these, or beeswax coverings if you need alternative sizing. All reusable and all options our planet will appreciate.

Remember, no one is perfect when it comes to zero waste, but it is the simple swaps that we can all make that accumulate, and allow our planet to breathe again. Let’s look after the place our generations are still to inherit. 

Can’t wait to see all of your Zero waste tips and tricks.

P.s. by no means are these products endorsed or sponsored, they are just my favs!

Alana x