Andrea Robinson came to us in early 2022 with a vision for her new company, AR Nutrition. 

She knew the type of company she wanted to run, and the impression she wanted to leave on her clients. Andrea engaged Organise.Curate.Design. to assist her in creating a complete brand and online presence that reflect her vision.

The Brief

Andrea wanted to communicate the key messages of AR Nutrition and to have her brand resonate with her audience in a way that was warm, informative and trustworthy. 

She wanted a colourful palette with a soft and professional aesthetic. To support us in developing Andrea’s overall branding, she showed us brands she liked and didn’t like.  

With a shortlist provided by us, she chose a website template she wanted us to work with. 

From there, it was up to us.

The Process

With the health and wellbeing industry saturated online and at time with problematic misleading information and claims, we wanted to ensure Andrea’s brand communicated, most importantly, trust. 

The first step was to clearly define the key values of her brand which are:

Education, Trust, Empathy, Optimism, Kindness

From there, we built the elements to reflect these values. We started to brainstorm the visual representation of a simple, elegant and professional brand, whilst ensuring we were creating a style guide that was warm and welcoming.

We chose a modern colour palette with six warm and slightly muted colours. Then chose a font that was professional and classic to offer a timeless key component. We then developed Andrea’s logo based on these elements. Working closely with Andrea while she provided feedback, we developed a primary logo, with a secondary and tertiary version, allowing the logo to be used across multiple platforms and formats. 

By working with the key messages and finding a visual way to communicate these values to AR Nutrition’s audience, we were able to create a brand that simultaneously conveyed professionalism and warmth. The aesthetic of AR Nutrition’s style guide reflected the message Andrea had initially hoped to reach via the information in her brief. 

With a very happy approval from Andrea, we finalised the style guide for AR Nutrition and moved to the next stage of her projects. 

We began developing her website, assisting her to choose the key elements of the website including images, copy and interactive call to action prompts. 

Using the style guide we also developed social media infographics that could be used as templates to create content in the future.

We then collaborated with photographer Mel Martin to develop a portfolio of professional images that could be used for AR Nutrition’s digital presence. As a team, we discussed the desired outcome of the photoshoot, and ensured everyone on board was working with AR Nutrition’s key values in mind.

The results

Andrea was thrilled with the final results of her projects.

“’Caroline and her team helped me set up my website and social media strategy for my new business and she also helped me set up some organisational tools. I really enjoyed working with her and found her incredibly knowledgeable and helpful! All projects were delivered on time and I felt that I learned a great deal. I couldn’t have done the set-up without her – in fact, I tried for many weeks to do this without help and didn’t get anywhere! I would definitely recommend OCD to anyone in a similar situation to me.”

Andrea Robinson, Founder of AR Nutrition

The Style Guide


The Photoshoot

Check out Andrea’s website here


If you, like Andrea need support in your branding, social media or website strategies or simply would like to discuss a refresh email us at hello@organisecuratedesign.com.au. We would love to work with you and create a brand and assets that you’re proud of.