Online Calendar Establishment Package


Being organised is a way of life, and there are some methods that work better than others. One of the tried and tested ways of maintaining structure in the Organise.Curate.Design. team is having a streamlined, sorted, Google Calendar.

Let us give you the gift of time by setting up a calendar for you, with sub-calendars, imported events & colour coding, as well as a video tutorial for future use and a call to teach you how to use it to streamline your life.

This package includes the following, we will:

  • Create a google account (if needed)
  • Establish sub-calendars for recurring bills, work, events with partners/children
  • Import all-important annual events; birthdays, anniversaries etc
  • Transfer all current & upcoming calendar events from old calendars
  • Create reminders for bills & recurring occasions
  • Sort all events in colour code
  • Send a video tutorial with information on how to add new events, sub-calendars and reminders
  • Offer a run-through Zoom call to show you how your new calendar is structured.

Upon purchase, we will schedule a time to have a 10-minute call with a Life Assistant to start the process moving. This is to personalise your experience and ensure we can deliver the most streamlined calendar possible. We will require access to your current calendar to transfer all information over to the new Google Calendar, leave the sorting & organisation to us!