Caroline Brunne: 0:06
Hi, I’m Caroline Brunne, your host for this new podcast; Growing Pains.

Teenager 1: 0:11
“But you know, when you’re adult, now everything falls on you and they’re growing pain can be like, oh crap, I haven’t done my laundry in three weeks”

Teenager 2: 0:18
“Just having no structure at all, and having the ability to completely stuff up your life or completely thrive

Teenager 3: 0:24
“The certainty of physical and mental responsibilities that you get as an adult and changes that you experience”

Teenager 4: 0:32
“Trying to figure out who you are outside of what’s been handed to you.”

Teenager 1: 0:35
“I’m quite excited for the future”

Caroline Brunne: 0:37
I personally feel like I’ve been an adult for a really long time.

I was one of those ridiculously ambitious people in my late teens and early 20s, who was desperate to grow up quickly, and took on very mature things like moving overseas, buying my first property, getting married and having children or in my early 20s. I know that in many ways, my early adult life is not common. But my experience has given me the opportunity to embrace being an adult and the challenges that we face once we step out of our childhood, and enter the new world of adulthood. 

As the founder of Organise.Curate.Design, I’ve spent the last four years developing our business and sharing my knowledge with our clients and community. It’s been such a pleasure to work with clients in their lives and businesses, to really help them understand how to make changes for the better and to empower them to design their new lives. But I’ve been really mindful that we have young people in our community or parents of young people who would love to pick my brain and take on some of the lessons that I can share, but may not have the capacity to book one on one time with me, or spend time with me at an event. So this is why we’re here.

I’ve pulled together some really incredible interesting people who are also, fully grown adults. Over the upcoming episodes in this first season, which is a six part series, I’ll deep dive with them on specific topics that I think are important to the early stages of your adult life.

We will share stories, laughs and maybe some tears and help you see that with a little bit of support. Taking on the learnings that other people have experienced and being open to the power of human connection. You can ease your growing pains and design those first few years of adult code for the better.

Snippet from episodes

Caroline: 2:36
“I am out of my mind excited to talk to you today.”

Johnny: 02:40
“The drive was more about wanting to be able to get things that I wasn’t able to have as a child.”

Andrew: 2:46
“Would you like to know what the joke was Caroline?”

Caroline: 2:49
“Love it. Mike drop.”

Andrew: 2:52
“If it’s not something you do naturally, force yourself to meet one new person every day.”

Angela: : 2:57
“Have more fun, have more fun. I grew up way to quickly”

Caroline: 3:01
“People like what? I’m like ugh, yep, okay, I’m feeling my age.”

Angela: 3:07
“*sigh*Adult failure. I think it’s not being able to get pregnant.”


Caroline: 3:14
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Welcome to growing pains.

Andrew: 3:33
“If you are continually seeing yourself as young and growing, and continually take the time to stay young, then you will stay young for life.”