I’m always brainstorming ideas here at Organise.Curate.Design. and this time last year was no different. We were making big plans for 2020 and had some amazing events, workshops and other projects lined up to create and deliver for you, our community.

As you know, 2020 had different ideas for all of us, and though starting a podcast has always been an idea I’ve thought about it wasn’t at the forefront of my mind for what I wanted the business to deliver. More specifically, She Inspires Me wasn’t the exact podcast I had in mind for the first one we would ever launch.

Back in April my dear friend Becc reached out to me and encouraged me to revive the project that was She Inspires Me. For those who have listened to the pilot episode or heard the intro you’ll know She Inspires Me was launched back in 2017.

So here we are, in November and I thought I’d take a moment to recap the first ten episodes.

So here we are, in November and I thought I’d take a moment to recap the first ten episodes. If you haven’t had a chance to listen yet, here is a snippet of what you’ll learn from some of our inspirational guests.

Episode 1 – Alina Guillemain
Alina was my first interview back in 2017 so it was more than fitting to interview her for the relaunch. She’s an incredible young woman, who I also have a pleasure of calling my niece. One of my biggest takeaways from our interview was her emotional intelligence and maturity. Alina told me ‘If you are trying to drive towards something, just do it, don’t let anyone stop you from doing it,’ such wise words from someone so young.

Episode 2 – Katherine ‘Cookie’ Norman
Katherine, or Cookie as she’s lovingly known is a ball of positive energy. Another guest who was interviewed back in 2017. We touched on what had changed over the last three years and what work still needed to be done in the space of advocacy. Cookie encourages us all to be on a quest to learn more everyday ‘I think that dialogue, that open respectful debate and dialogue is really important. I think it’s really important that people feel safe enough to ask questions.’

Episode 3 – Dorcas Maphakela
Dorcas has been a personal inspiration to me when it comes to bringing my Mauritian culture into our household and teaching my children to bridge the gap between where and when I was born and the world my children are growing up in today. Not only is Dorcas a voice for people of colour but for women, especially those who have experienced family violence. ‘It’s not even about offering a solution. It’s so we can start a conversation in a normal space, right now people are doing a lot of work but there is a stigma attached to talking about family violence.’

Episode 4 – Tash Callewaert
Our most downloaded episode, Tash is a straight shooter with a big heart. Her leadership skills were a major drawcard to our listeners and on top of that Tash showed us what it’s like to lead humans by being human, reminding us ‘It doesn’t matter how I’m feeling, and even if I have to talk through tears, these people deserve my honesty.’ Episode 4 – Tash Callewaert

Episode 5 – Liz Volpe
The woman who I thank for so much, but especially my learnings from my time in Cambodia. Liz and I talk about her journey with Project Gen Z and the differences between children here in Australia and those she has worked with in Cambodia, ‘The biggest thing that stands out is this absolute hunger to really take something and run with it. These children in Cambodia don’t have any other opportunities so you put on in front of them and they will do whatever it takes to success and get it.’

Episode 6 – Lisa Gadd
Dr Lisa Gadd is fearless, during her life she has overcome so much and I can personally say it’s a pleasure to know her. During this episode she shares how challenging her life has been and the resilience it has taken to get to where she is today. She believe ‘If we can impact just one person then we’ve done a good job.’

Episode 7 – Edem Badu
I personally have to thank Edem for this episode, after talking about my own artistic past, this was the episode that encouraged me to pick up a paint brush after 20 years. Edem is a delight and has a beautiful way of balancing perfectionism and passion. ‘I research colour theories and go into depth so everything makes sense. Nothing is ever placed there for no reason, that’s where the perfectionist comes in.’

Episode 8 – Shavita Kotak
We hear it all the time, people who wish they could run away and start fresh with a focus on their health and wellbeing. Well Shavita is living proof that it can be done. ‘I’m putting myself out there as a vulnerable soul and I’m sharing with other vulnerable souls that want to share and be connected in some way when we were so disconnected.’

Episode 9 – Tenielle Stoltenkamp
A super cool chick who is also ridiculously talented. Tenielle is a singer, writer, actor and a badass in the world of business. But where she really impresses us is where she chooses to express her passions and the people she surrounds herself with, ‘I am continually inspired by the people who are the overcomers more than the achievers. The people who express themselves or take the time to follow their passion. Express what they are feeling, it’s not about the success or achievement it’s about the fact that we have this short life and they want to get the most out of it.’

Episode 10 – Deb Elliott
There is no stopping Deb, a woman who is making the most of her retirement and giving back to her community at the same time! Deb shares her artistic adventures with us and also shares how a project to make caps for nurses grew into a moment for real change in this year of 2020. ‘People said, thank you you’ve given me something to do and a sense of purpose during this time, which is what it also gave me.’

Wow! That’s just the first ten episodes I can’t believe I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with so many incredible and diverse women and sharing their stories with you. We are continuing to release episodes weekly and will only be taking a short break over Christmas so if you haven’t already subscribed I encourage you to open your podcast app, search for She Inspires Me and join our beautiful community.