Give Mum a break this Mother’s Day’. Those commercials I recall seeing, in most cases advertising take away meals for Mother’s Day that make me cringe. To be honest I don’t personally see this kind of advertising anymore, mainly because I don’t watch television with commercials. But I fear that they still exist. Now I understand this is simple marketing, but I question the thought process of giving Mum this ‘one’ day off.

In our household, we very much embrace equality. I live in a house full of boys (even our dogs are male) and we talk openly about the importance of each of us being equal in what we contribute to our household and in turn how we contribute to society. My husband and I are equal partners in running our household and though we have tasks that we individually prefer or excel in, we both hold the capability to perform all of the tasks to run our household.

My sons don’t see Mother’s Day as a day for me to have off, more as an opportunity to celebrate our bond we have and all facets of our relationship.

So I ask you, as you plan to celebrate Mother’s Day this year what is your mindset around equality? If you happen to be in a family where Mum pulls more weight than the rest of the household, how can you shift that load to carry more or encourage your children to carry more? How can you celebrate the wonderful mother that she is whilst empowering her to broaden herself as an individual so she can continue to develop as a woman and further contribute to your family as a role model and an important member of your community?

What can you take off her plate to reduce her mental load ?

For the women out there reading this who are mothers, most of our community is, if this resonates with you and you think it’s something your husband or children need to read be sure to share the love. A subtle hint to remind the people who love you that Mother’s Day can be about more than take away dinners and fluffy slippers.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Caroline X