We’re rethinking, and renaming our New Year’s Resolutions.
It’s time for New Year’s REVOLUTIONS.

A revolution is change in the way something is governed or controlled, and we’re changing the way we control our plans & goals for the new year.

When people think of the new year they feel obliged to come up with a list of things they’ve been meaning to do. Much like a to-do list that follows them from year to year:

“Exercise more”
“Save money”
“Use my phone less”

For 2020 we’re challenging you to flip your world on its head and change something. Make a big goal, one decision that will revolutionise your life.

I am going to complete a triathlon next year.
Specifically, the 2XU Tri-Series Race 6 on the 29th of March, 2020.

It will completely throw my life on its head, and I’m so excited. I will be healthier physically and mentally as I let this revolution guide me.

The beauty in revolutions is that they don’t have to be made in a bunch at the start of the year. After my triathlon in March I’ll decide on another revolution, a longer triathlon or maybe something completely different. There is no debating, this revolution will have changed my life unquestionably.

We’d love for you to decide on a revolution for your life in 2020, a brand new decade.

Make it a clear, actionable, tangible, track-able revolution, and do it.