T’was the night before Christmas, when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.

No wait! There was a creature stirring – it was Mum. she was frantically wrapping presents and preparing the items for the guests arriving on Christmas Day.

She was stressed, overwhelmed, and wishing Christmas was already over!

Was that you last Christmas? It’s time to start thinking ahead and make some changes for a positive Christmas. We’ve got your back! Here are Caroline’s tips on how to reduce your stress when it comes to Christmas.

We’ve got your back! Here are Caroline’s tips on how to reduce your stress when it comes to Christmas.

Get everyone involved: It’s time to delegate. There is no need for you to do everything when it comes to Christmas planning. Yes, you may have done it all yourself last year, but do you remember how stressful that was? Do you remember feeling overwhelmed and maybe even unappreciated? There is no need for that kind of stress when you can delegate tasks to other members of the family. There is a massive list involved in Christmas planning. So, start thinking of who you can call on and get them to commit to something now so you can reduce your to-do list.

Be realistic when planning your day: Trying to visit various family members in a 24-hour period may sound like a good idea, but may end up ruining your Christmas experience. Plan your time clearly and be okay with saying no to people when you need to.

Break the gender roles: Are you stuck in gender roles when it comes to Christmas? Is your household one where the kids open their presents on Christmas day and look over to Dad whose name is on the card but clearly has no idea what the gift is because Mum did everything? It’s up to you to break these ridiculous traditions and to mix things up a bit. Who cares if Dad’s wrapping skills are average? It doesn’t matter if the table isn’t set in the specific way you would set it if it means the kids do it and you can focus on something else. As women, if we want to reduce our mental load at Christmas time, it’s time to let go, to ask for help and then to step away and be okay with how things are done.

Outsource: It would be inconsistent if I didn’t remind you of our number one tip, which is to outsource. There are various companies, including ours, that help people get things done at Christmas time. You don’t need to do it all yourself and if you don’t have anyone you can delegate to, there is always your friendly Life Assistant.

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