Better Conversations with Shantelle Thompson, Gemma Saunders & Lilian Kikuvi

Shantelle Thompson, Gemma Saunders & Lilian Kikuvi are the powerhouse women behind the Becoming Better Together Collective. They believe that once we know ourselves, our contexts and each other better, we can do better, together in a culture first decade! That is why the Collective’s vision is becoming better, together!

The Becoming Better Together Program is a bespoke program aimed at addressing this question: How might we create a culture of belonging and respect by having vital, authentic and brave discussions about diversity, equity & inclusion in order to become better, together?

During this episode Caroline, Shantelle, Gemma & Liliana discuss why they are actively seeking out better conversations in their community and how they believe you can have better conversations with the people in your life.

Show Notes: Becoming Better Together Collective

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