We are all complex beings with thoughts and feelings individual to ourselves, but we’re also a lot alike. We all forget to buy toilet paper sometimes or don’t have time to go food shopping, or need to go to the bathroom in the middle of a movie you’ve been waiting to see for months.

At Organise.Curate.Design., our philosophy is to help people streamline their lives. In our opinion, these are some of the best ways to streamline your life, and make your mental load (and your life) a little lighter

#1 – Subscribe to the things you’ll always need
As long as you’re breathing, you’ll need things like toilet paper. Instead of having to remember to put it on your shopping list every second week, get a subscription to those necessities and take another task off your plate. These are some of our favourite places to subscribe to the things we need

#2 – Set up a task management system that does it all
When we say all – we mean all. Do some research into what kind of system you need and start having a look at what’s out there. We’ve included a checklist below to help you find the perfect system.

The task management system must:

  • Be able to break things into subtasks
  • Have a section for notes on each task/subtask
  • Be able to invite people to some lists, and keep other lists private
  • Have a reminder function that sends a notification to your chosen device
  • Be accessible from all of your devices (phones, tablets, computers etc)
  • Have a due date and due time function
  • Have a ‘Today’ feature where you can clearly see all the tasks you have due on that day

#3 – Set up a password management system (that isn’t auto-fill on Goggle Chrome)
If you auto-save important information like card details and internet banking passwords on your Google Chrome, stop reading and go turn that off. Open a LastPass account, and start saving all of your important information in this life-saving program. Set up one master password and that’s all you’ll need to remember. LastPass is also a smartphone app, meaning you can access your important information anywhere, anytime.

Pro tip – add other private information into your account to keep everything safe and in the same spot. We save everything from card detail, Tax File Numbers and driver’s license numbers to ensure everything stays safe and accessible!

#4 – Get yourself a digital virtual assistant!
If you live a busy life, you’ve probably been in this situation before; you’re rushing around the house to meet a deadline and you remember something. You think to yourself “I should write that down” but you’re too busy so you don’t get around to it. Fast forward 3 hours and you’re sitting in traffic thinking “what was that thing I remembered, it was so important…” Enter, your virtual assistant. Next time you’re rushing around the house without a second to stop and add a task to your to-do list, simply say “Hey _____” and they’ll do it for you.

#5 – Sync. Everything.
You don’t have to look like you’re being paid by Apple to be able to sync your systems across all of your devices. Start by finding a desktop program that you love, and it’s probable that it will be available in the app store. Use the same login details, and have everything accessible from wherever you are. For example, if you love using Google programs like Gmail and Calendar, look into the other productivity programs they offer like Google Tasks. It’s a task management system that will sync up due dates and timelines in your calendar to ensure you never miss a beat.

We love to find the greatest ways to help you and our clients live a simpler, easier life. These are only a few of the tips we offer to our clients and we’ve only had fantastic feedback. The most important thing to remember is to simplify and sync. Don’t use everything, it will become overwhelming. Find a program for the parts of your life you struggle with, and trust in the system.

Streamlining is supposed to make things easier, not harder! If it’s not working, re-evaluate your pressure points and try again. If you’re still struggling, we’re always an email away!