Maintaining a routine over the holidays

After another stressful and uncertain year, it’s finally time to take a break, read that book and sleep in. Thank goodness, right? Through lockdown, some of us have used the time to set habits and focus on ourselves. Others focused on getting to the finish line, and are now looking to reintroduce their healthy habits back into their lives. However you’ve decided to spend the last 11 months, maintaining a routine over the break will ensure you don’t lose the progress you’ve made, and will make heading into 2022 a whole lot easier.

So, how do you simultaneously relax whilst maintaining your routine? We’ve got the answers.

1. Choose three non-negotiables

Your working day will look very different to your average holiday day, so choose three parts of your daily routine that are your non-negotiables. This could be that you go for a 15-minute walk every morning (regardless of what time you wake up), or that you complete your skincare routine morning and night, or that half of your dinner plate needs to be vegetables. Don’t choose three things that you should be prioritising, choose three things that you enjoy, that are good for you, and that make you feel amazing. If you cut your routine back to only what is necessary for you to stay healthy, happy and on track, you will be much more likely to maintain those great habits. 

2. Start now

In a study published in the European Journal of Social Psychology, it was found that it takes 18 – 254 days for a person to form a new habit. The study concluded that it depends on the task. So, start introducing your non – negotiables now. There is no exact science, but the longer you do the same task every day, the more it will become automatic. 

3. Record what a typical weekend day looks like

Start taking note of some of the habits you’ve formed on your days off. What time do you wake up? What food do you enjoy eating that makes you feel great? What movement do you enjoy? What time do you go to bed? Assume that your holiday days will look similar to your weekends, this will give you an indication of how much routine you’re able to maintain and will mean you’re able to set realistic goals. 

4. Cut yourself some slack

You work bloody hard, you’re allowed to rest. While routine and healthy habits are important, it’s more important that you listen to what your body needs and allow yourself to rest. If you don’t get out of bed until lunch or don’t go on your daily walk – that’s ok. Cut yourself some slack and get back on track the next day. Nothing destroys a good routine like beating yourself up about not sticking to it perfectly. Enjoy the sun and enjoy some well earned rest so that you can tackle 2022 with a full tank.

See you next year!!