Celebrations have always been a major part of my life. I’m the woman who has declared ‘it’s my birthday month’ in the past and spent various days celebrating the joy that is a birthday lunch, dinner, coffee, party or whatever I wanted to bring some fun into the birthday madness.

During COVID in our household, we have celebrated Mother’s Day and are preparing for Father’s Day in the coming weeks.

My son’s birthday back in May was at a time when we were doing the COVID-cha-cha. When we were deciding if we could leave our homes safely or if it was safer to stay home. That time when restrictions eased for a while and we all hoped for the best.

As birthdays are such a big deal to me, when it came to my son’s birthday I went all out. His guests received a party pack with lollies, cake and cookies and all logged into a Zoom call where we had my son and a children’s entertainer host a live show for his friends to participate in. There were party lights, magic tricks and a dance competition. It was the strangest but best Zoom party I’ve ever been involved in planning (I say this because it was the only Zoom party I’ve ever been involved in planning).

But this discussion around celebrations and milestones has hit another peak. In this time of 2020, we have been isolated, and at the time of writing this, we are in stage four restrictions in Victoria, limited to a five-kilometre radius from our homes and struggling to connect with people.

So what happens to the once in a lifetime moments? We have seen weddings postponed or reduced to limited numbers. We have seen funerals live-streamed so mourners can acknowledge the life lost. But what about those other moments in time, ones like leaving kinder or graduating from high school?

It’s interesting that when something doesn’t impact us directly we don’t seem to think about it, but the class of 2020 has shown it’s resilience and tenancy in a way that has never been shown before. They have proven to us that they deserve to celebrate just as much, if not more than the cohorts before them.

This acknowledgement has led our sibling company Crowd Culture to develop a once in a lifetime event for the class of 2020. Taking graduations and celebrations into the virtual space whilst ensuring they don’t lose their essence.

We can’t wait to see how the team collaborate with schools to bring their Virtual Graduations to life, and we can’t wait to celebrate with the class of 2020.

To find out more about virtual graduations head to the Crowd Culture website