Feeling your best is undoubtedly when we do our best but if we forget to look after ourselves, sometimes our bodies can forget how to give us our best.

Now, don’t get me wrong, feeling your best does NOT require extreme measures, it truly is about incorporating sustainable and suitable habits into your life and routines. Before I share my top tips, something I always like to remind you guys is that no one is perfect, we are all human and so please don’t put the pressure on yourself to be perfect.

So, my 5 Healthy Daily Habits for Life?

  1. Make water the first thing you consume in your day. I’m a coffee drinker too but after 8 hours of fasting during sleep, our bodies are craving some fresh water to flush the system out, not our chosen energiser. Warm water with lemon is not necessary but make drinking 1-2 glasses of water the first thing you do upon waking. 
  2. Go for a daily 10-minute walk. Sometimes we don’t even realise it but we can spend our entire days inside without even seeing the light of day or feeling the fresh air. Do your best to get out for just 10 minutes, around the block.
  3. Journal 3-5 things you are grateful for each day. Even if it is on the notes app on your phone, upon waking or before bed, jot down 3-5 things you are grateful for. The positive vibes will start flowing. 
  4. Switch off those electronics 30 minutes before bed. We are all guilty of watching TV right before bed or scrolling the gram but our brains, bodies and eyes are not a fan of that. Give yourself the best night sleep you deserve and switch electronics out for your favourite books, journal or time with loved ones.
  5. Switch on night-mode on your devices. These days most of our devices have night-mode, your phone, laptop, iPad/tablets and even newer TVs. This will eliminate the harsh blue light that we see through our screens and again assist a better night sleep as well as general eye health.

Start by adopting just one of these habits into your life and work up from there. You will be amazed at how amazing you will feel after small adjustments. Sending you healthy and positive vibes.

Alana x