2021 End Of Year Reflections

It’s been another huge year for Organise.Curate.Design, and as the year comes to a close, we’ve been reflecting on 2021.

At a glimpse, 2021 has seen Organise.Curate.Design. launch a new podcast; Growing Pains. We have introduced Tahlia, a new member of the team, and watched Alana leave for maternity leave as she became a new Mum to a beautiful baby boy. We’ve launched an online course, been featured in some incredible publications like MamaMia and Women’s Health, and welcomed some amazing new clients onboard.

We sat down and reflected on all of these changes and achievements together, and discussed our biggest takeaways from the year as it comes to a close. We discussed our challenges, our achievements, things we learnt about ourselves and themes we’re focusing on as we move into 2022. 

As much as we would have loved for Alana to be able to join the discussion, being a new Mum is unpredictable and unfortunately, she was unable to join us. Alana has kindly discussed her end of year reflections and we have included them below.

What was your biggest OCD project challenge?

Alana : 2021 was another big year for upgrading websites and branding. For clients, it can be a tough job to get copy and content together, doubting selves or uncertainty on direction. It’s always a rewarding challenge to get together the elements of a successful website that the client really loves and believes in.

What has been your highlight when it comes to OCD projects or tasks this year?

Alana : Taking a client of ours to the level where they were ready to employ their own staff

What would you class as your top three personal highlights of 2021

Alana : Marrying my Husband Ben. The birth of my beautiful son, Avi. Finding a brand new appreciation for the female body since having a baby.

What was the thing you learnt about yourself?

Alana : That life is so much more than what you look like. Your body is an absolute vehicle to take you through the incredible world.

If you could wrap up 2021 in one word, what would it be?

Alana : Life-changing

What are your plans for the Summer break?

Alana : To finally cross the QLD border and have my own family meet Avi, lots of family time 

What do you have to be a themes/work for 2022

Alana : Presence in everything, life and work

It’s been another fantastic year, and as always, we thank you all for your support. You can have a look at our end of year reflections discussion here.